Welcome to Nearness

Explore life's big questions with like-hearted people

A space to explore life’s big questions with like-minded people. 

8-week courses in spirituality and self-inquiry for all
World-class teachers from diverse spiritual traditions
90 min conversations in supportive small groups

Where can we go to nurture our spiritual lives outside the confines of traditional religious institutions?

More and more people want to define what spirituality looks like for them – and find friends along the way.

We want wise guidance without dogma, structure without rigidity, and, more than anything, we want connection—with ourselves, others, and something greater than us.

We started The Nearness to offer a space that does just that. 

We’re excited you’re here.

Feel the joy of deep connection: 
“I count down the days between each small group gathering. I just love the shared sense of togetherness so much." - Roos
Find meaning in the big questions: 
“I found comfort when the world felt upside down by creating a spirituality that felt right to me.” - Prerna 
Design a spiritual life that works for you: 
“It’s provided a rhythm to my spirituality which has been genuinely transformative.” - Will


Nearness courses help you to explore life’s biggest questions.

Each course gathers small groups of five to six people for weekly virtual gatherings, where participants reflect on stimulating questions, experiment with new practices and rituals, and explore inspiring concepts from a variety of historical traditions and perspectives. 
These expert-designed weekly gatherings are supplemented by guidance from world-class spiritual teachers. 
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